Palm Tree is also a kid’s friendly restaurant, and serves kid’s menus with special perks.

Who we are

Palm Tree Charcoal Grill & Restaurant will be a unique spot to begin your dining. Internationally creative food, and a manner of service that will make everyone feel welcome and special. Our food products will be of the finest quality and prepared with sensitivity and utmost care.

Our goal is to ‘go all the way’ to satisfy our guests. We will frequently change our menu, but will keep ‘your favorites.’ Portions will be an attractive presentation and reasonably priced. While we are not striving to be the lowest-priced restaurant, we are aspiring to be the value leader.

We would be serving 100% HALAL food with hygienic quality without compromising the taste.

Guest can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, proficient service, warm and friendly place with excellent food. A place where you always know you will get the best of everything.

Our Strengths

Palm Tree is also a kid’s friendly restaurant, and serves kid’s menus with special perks. A toddler can enjoy kid-friendly dishes with entertainment.

Palm Tree will not compromise on food safety and quality. We are following the Food Safety Management System for food preparations and services. The system includes the process and procedure that manages every step of food storage and preparation. It would help the kitchen staff to prevent the food borne illnesses and ensure safe food preparation.

The kitchen staff will be the best in culinary education and work experience. Our creative talents will complement one another. The lounge and restaurant staff will offer the finest service in a cozy atmosphere and offer customers an extraordinarily successful dining.

Palm tree never uses the vanaspati, Ajinomoto and never reuse the oil in our food preparations.